Early Years Foundation Stage

At Griffe Field Primary School, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable each child to develop and reach their full potential. This includes their personal, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

We value every child in our school, and teaching and learning is based on the understanding that children all develop at different rates. It is also planned based on their own individual need, interests and abilities.

In Foundation Stage at Griffe Field Primary School, we aim to:

  • Provide a safe, challenging, stimulating, caring and sharing environment that is sensitive to the needs of all children.
  • Provide a broad, balanced, relevant and creative curriculum that will set in place firm foundations for further learning and development in Key Stage 1 and beyond.
  • Use and value what each child can do, assessing their individual needs and helping each child to progress.
  • Enable choice and decision making, fostering independence and self-confidence.
  • Work in partnership with parents and carers and value their contributions ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Provide inclusive experiences for all children, whatever their needs.

To read more about the EYFS at Griffe Field, click here to read our 3 Is (Intent, Implementation, Impact) document.

To read our EYFS policy, please click here.

We design our Early Years Curriculum to be tailored to children’s needs and interests. Click the links below to see our Long Term Plans. You can also read in more detail about our planned learning by reading our Curriculum News and looking at our Reading Spines.

Nursery Long Term Plan

Nursery Curriculum News Autumn Term

Nursery Curriculum News Spring Term

Nursery Curriculum News Summer Term
Reception Long Term Plan  

Reception Curriculum News Autumn 1  
Reception Reading Spine Autumn 1

Reception Curriculum News Autumn 2
Reception Reading Spine Autumn 2

Reception Curriculum News Spring 1
Reception Reading Spine Spring 1

Reception Curriculum News Spring 2
Reception Reading Spine Spring 2

Reception Curriculum News Summer 1
Reception Reading Spine Summer 1

Reception Curriculum News Summer 2
Reception Reading Spine Summer 2

At Griffe Field Primary School, we recognise that transition into a new EYFS setting is a very exciting time but some children can become quite anxious too. To support children, we provide a range of materials to support children and families during this time. Follow the links below to see these resources.

  • Starting School Booklet – Information for families about how to prepare and what to expect when a child starts in Reception.
  • Griffe’s Transition Book – Information about children about what to expect inside the Reception classrooms.
  • Meet the Teacher Letters – A little welcome letter from Mrs Dean and Mr Flint to introduce themselves to their new classes.
  • Parent Reading Booklet – Information for families about supporting early reading at home.
  • End of Year Expectations – Information for parents about what we aim for all children to achieve by the end of Nursery and Reception.

If you would like to find out more about our EYFS, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

You can also click this link to find out more about admissions to our school and nursery.

Mrs Dean

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader