At Griffe Field Primary School, we see it as our responsibility to provide enrichment opportunities that can enrich the life of our pupils. Working with our staff, community and external companies, we provide children with experiences that they may not otherwise receive. We are responsive to our pupil’s needs and wants and actively seek out opportunities that will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the wider world.

We aim to provide this extracurricular enrichment in a number of ways, including before, during and after school clubs, visitors to school, trips, residential visits and many more. We are also passionate that these opportunities are available for ALL pupils, regardless of their backgrounds or individual needs. For more information about this, please follow this link.

To find out more about what clubs we have running at the moment in school, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.

During their time at Griffe Field, we wish for all of our children to experience a true breadth of experiences with us. As a staff, we have created goals for our children – goals of experiences to have taken part in by the end of each key stage at school.

These are :