Nursery Admissions

Applications should be made in writing at any time after a child is two years old. The Governor’s Admissions Committee will meet at least three times each year to allocate places for the following term. They will do so by applying the following criteria to all the children who we know to be interested in a place.

Places are awarded as follows:

1. Children who are on the Child Protection ‘at risk’ register.
2. Children who are – or might become – the subject of special need.
3. Children whose families are suffering severe social and psychological stress – which could significantly affect the child’s development.
4. Any 3 or 4 year old from the ‘catchment area’ of the school.
5. Any 3 or 4 year old from the remainder of the Heatherton Village estate.
6. Any 3 or 4 year old from the wider area entitled to 30 hours Extended Entitlement Funding.
7. Any other 3 or 4 year old from the wider area.

Places within each criteria group are offered to according to age (oldest first).

The school’s ‘Catchment Area’ is listed below.

Admission points will be usually at the beginning of each term, subject to available places. Otherwise, as vacancies arise, Governors will award further places by applying the above criteria to the existing ‘Register of Interest’. Children would be expected to be able to take up at least two terms in the Nursery.

There is no ‘sibling priority’ to Nursery admissions.

NB: Parents who wish their children to be considered for a place in the main school must apply separately at the appropriate time (see Pupil Admissions Policy to Reception).

A place in the nursery class does not influence the admission procedure to the main school ie does not guarantee a place.

Please click on this link for full information and how to apply for your Free Extended Entitlement Funding and Tax Free Childcare

The Schools ‘Catchment’ Area

Ambervale Close
Appledown Way
Aster Gardens
Birchway Grove
Bramblewick Drive
Brindle Way
Brookdale Drive
Bowbank Close
Callow Hill Way (69 upwards, odds 58 to 68 evens)
Cherrydale Court
Comfrey Close
Cranberry Grove
Fairford Gardens
Fieldfare Court
Greenmount Close
Groombridge Crescent
Grosvenor Drive
Hargreaves Close
Hebden Close
Hollybrook Way (50 & upwards,evens)
Ivy Leaf Way
Kelvedon Drive
Kilnsey Court
Maize Close
Malham Road
Meadow Brook Close
Mossvale Drive
Nettleton Close
Portico Road
Queensbury Chase
Richmond Close
Sedgemoor Way
Shiregate Gardens
Squires Way (19 & upwards, odds 22 & upwards, evens)
Summerville Close
Templebell Close
Watermint Close
Wheathill Grove
Wintergreen Drive
Woodale Close

Parts of Heatherton NOT in School Catchment Area

Adelphi Close
Badgerdale Way
Barnhill Grove
Boxmoor Close
Bridgeness Road
Callow Hill Way (numbers not in ‘normal area’)
Cascade Grove
Chesterford Close
Copse Grove
Corbridge Grove
Coxgreen Court
Cranhill Close
Dovewood Court
Fairford Gardens
Farrier Gardens
Foxbrook Close
Frampton Gardens
Gayton Thorpe Close
Gorsehill Grove
Haycroft Court
Hedgevale Close
Hollybrook Way (numbers not in ’normal area’)
Lakeside Drive
Little Woodbury Drive
Longthorpe Close
Palatine Grove
Palladium Drive
Pennycress Close
Pulborough Gardens
River Hall Close
Rossington Drive
Squires Way (numbers not in ‘normal area’)
Tawny Way
Trefoil Close
Troutbeck Grove
Whittlebury Drive
Woodcote Way