Our Governors

As outlined in the Scheme of Delegation from DDAT, the Governors take responsibility for the organisation and curriculum of the school, its finances, personnel and site. They work closely with the Head teacher as manager and meet together regularly throughout the school year. 

The Governors each hold office for four years. They represent the community, the parents and school staff. The staff and parent representatives are elected and the Governing Body is completed by the Head teacher.

Constitution of 9 governors.   

Should you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please send a letter c/o the school or email Karen Phillips, our clerk to the Governors on karenphillipsclerktogovernors@gmail.com .

If you would like to see the agenda and minutes for any of the governors meetings, please contact the school office.

Name Type of governor, appointed by Term of office Position & roles  On FGB B & M committee 2022/23 T & L committee 2022/23 Declarations- Business, other governance and relationships FGB meetings attended 2022/2023 
Alex Wilde Trust – nominated by governors     24/06/22 to 23/06/26 Chair of LGB 
HT Perf.Man.,  Maths 
Co-Safeguarding link 
YES   3/3 YES   3/3 Repton Prep School (Employer)  
Wife employed by DDAT  
Kholoud Shaban Trust – nominated by governors 26/05/2023 to 25/05/2027 Vice Chair of LGB   
Pupil Premium 
YES   1/1   None declared 1/1  
Sarah Brownhall Trust -nominated by governors 29/06/2023 to 28/06/2027 Early Years 
Sports Premium 
  YES  0/0 Member of staff at Bishop Lonsdale (DDAT) 0/1 
VACANCYTrust – nominated by governors    
Katy Fuggle Trust – nominated by governors 13/10/20 to 12/10/24 SEN 
 YES  Chair  3/3 None declared 6/6 
Sue Smith Staff – appointed by staff 06/06/22 to 05/06/26  YES  2/3   YES  3/3 None declared 5/6 
Emma Mitchell Head Teacher – appointed by virtue of office Ongoing whilst HT of school  YES  3/3 YES  3/3 None declared 6/6 
Vicky Brown Parent – appointed by parents 06/12/21 to 05/12/25 English 
Staff & pupil wellbeing 
 YES  3/3 Village Primary Academy (Employer) Harmony Trust 5/6 
Julie Anderson Parent -appointed by parents  20/10/22 to 19/10/26 Computing 
Co-Safeguarding link 
YES  2/2     None Declared 3/3  
Leavers within the last 12 months:

Mr Indy Kudhail Trust LGB governor – Appointed 03.10.19 – Resigned 19.01.23 – meetings FGB 1/2, B & M 0/1                                                                                     

Mrs Helen Hicks Trust LGB Governor – Appointed 10.04.19 – Term ended 09.04.23 – meetings FGB 4/4, T & L 3/3

Reena Bajaj Trust LGB Governor – Appointed 13.10.20 – Resigned 24.11.23 – meetings FGB 6/6, B & M 3/3