Growing the Future

Griffe Field Primary School is committed to sustainable development and believes it is important to prepare young people to protect their future. We strive to educate children to understand, look after and protect the grounds we play, live and work in. Sustainability is planned into the school curriculum with each year group covering many issues such as Fairtrade, recycling, global warming and much more! Pupils are passionate about the planet and are very motivated to make a difference.

Pupils are at the heart of their learning. Each class has an Eco Ambassador, who ensures that water and electricity waste is reduced. Our School Council are greatly involved in action planning, to move the school forward in developing sustainable living, working and playing.

Whole school projects in school have highlighted current issues such as plastic pollution in the oceans. Theme days throughout the year include raising awareness of global issues through Ocean Day, Recycle Day and Earth Hour. Assemblies and competitions are used to highlight a need to change our behaviours and be creative with what we already have. School recycle projects currently include: paper, cardboard, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and shoe recycling and we will continue to look into other schemes moving forwards.

‘Get Griffe Growing’ is a yearly challenge where each class grows a food source, which they then harvest and use in cooking, or sell at the Summer Fair. Cooking and gardening clubs teach about healthy eating and sustainable growing, to help to build a connection with the natural world. We work in partnership with Cycle Derby to encourage healthy and sustainable travelling to school by walking, scooting or cycling.

Mr Uttley

Sustainability and Outdoor Learning Subject Leader